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Ariana Grande reportedly plans at least one collab after finishing ‘Wicked’.

The 29-year-old pop megastar is focusing on her big-screen adaptation of the Broadway classic, in which she will play Glinda the Good Witch.

The film is due to be released in two parts in 2024 and 2025.

And Grammy winner Kali Uchis has claimed the ‘7 Rings’ hitmaker promised to hit the studio with her once she’s finished with ‘Wicked’, suggesting it might take still a little while before Ariana releases her sequel to 2020’s “Positions.”

During a live stream on TikTok, Kali teased, “She’s not recording right now because she’s working on her movie stuff; her play that she’s doing… She said when she’s done with that, we’ll get to work. I’m excited for this.

Ariana has previously admitted that her role as Glinda and her beauty brand REM Beauty take priority – with music taking center stage in the backseat at the moment.

She said in May, “That’s a question I’m having a hard time answering, but I feel like I want to have some transparency and honesty with my fans. Why not, you know? … The truth is that I didn’t start an album. I know, by grapevine I mean you have a lot of theories and expectations in this department. But after ‘Positions’, I wasn’t ready to start another album yet, so I didn’t start another album.

“That’s the main one…I mean, that was really the only reason, but other than that, it was around this time that I started hearing whispers about an audition “Wicked” coming up, so I went into full prep mode while I was also filming ‘The Voice.’ So I was filming and also doing lessons every day, because I just wanted to be ready for when the call I had no idea what was going to happen, but I was just like, ‘I want to be ready to go in. I know the material like the back of my hand, but I still have a lot to learn and I want to be in good shape.

“So I worked hard to prepare, and now, thank God… thank God, literally, the most amazing gift of my entire life is, you know, this role that I’ve loved since I was ten. years, and this is going to have every piece of me, every minute, every ounce of my heart, my time, my soul, everything I can give it.

“So my hands are pretty busy with a lot of other exciting work right now, and that’s part of it. REM Beauty is really fun and we’re working really hard on that too. But yeah, I spend all my time with Glinda. I just wasn’t ready. (sic)”


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