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Britney Spears has claimed she was not allowed to “conduct herself” at certain times during her conservatorship.

The 40-year-old singer regained control of her assets in November last year when a conservatorship was terminated by a court in Los Angeles. during her 13 years as a curator.

She wrote on Instagram, “I guess when you’re the kind of person who finally starts talking…people don’t like you anymore!!!!

“You have to understand I haven’t had a girl in the car with me in a while!!!! Before I couldn’t drive myself even with 8 different guards driving me daily!!!! Each one at a different speed and I’m the one who had to adjust to THEIR TIME IN MY F****** CAR…not to mention…the four months I couldn’t drive at all or get out of the f****** wear by myself!!!!

“Anyway I’ve mostly had men driving me…so messed up…apart from the one time my cousin came to see me and we had the sad chilling conversation of PLANS…I mean had NONE of them …I couldn’t even go to the spa!!! (sic)”

Britney went to lunch with her assistant earlier this week and admitted it was the first time a woman had been in her car in “a long time”.

She added: “So anyway… me and my assistant went to lunch yesterday… first time a girl got in my car in a long time and I don’t know what happened but I could HEAR !!!!Maybe I need to get my ears checked or maybe women have a stronger sense than men but whatever happened I heard music…for the first time I could even hear the words with clarity… anyway that was pretty cool!!! (sic)”

Britney – who has sons Sean, 16, and Jayden, 15 – also admitted she learned to love animals during her guardianship.

She added: “I have learned about people’s selfishness like there is no tomorrow….in conjunction with all of this I have realized one thing and only one thing will tell yet is learning how to love animals!!!!! Pssss….i forgot i had a nice visitor who was a girl who visited me…we walked around the neighborhood!!!!(sic) “

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