Can Vagabond Season 2 Happen? The producers would have considered its possibility


SBS TV dropped the K-drama Vagabond finale in November 2019, and after that Netflix aired it in South Korea and internationally. Since then, enthusiasts have been waiting for season 2 of Vagabond.

The K-drama’s engaging plot and the chemistry between Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy drew viewers around the world. The series received critical acclaim for its performances and storyline.

Korean dramas are rarely renewed for multiple seasons, but there is a high demand for Vagabond Season 2 across the world. Considering the show’s popularity and dedicated fan base, some industry experts believe it’s only a matter of time before we get season 2.

Additionally, the South Korean drama ends with some great cliffhangers. But there is no update so far. So is Vagabond season 2 canceled? Last year, Uniforumtz noted that according to an insider, the show’s return for a second season is possible.

In July 2022, the portal also informed that the staff of Vagabond had raised the possibility of a season 2. When answering questions about a second season, the producers of the series said that they were looking into the possibility.

Moreover, while talking about the ending of Vagabond, Lee Seung-gi told Alkpop, “When you look at the end of Season 1, there’s no way the story will end there, without Season 2. When you watch American dramas, a lot of them end the same way, leaving you to say “Huh?”. I think the possibility of season 2 depends on the viewers, and of course commercial issues. If the opportunity arises, I would like [work on season 2].”

Rumor has it that production on Vagabond season 2 has already started secretly; however, nothing is official yet.

Vagabond follows the story of stuntman Cha Dal-gun (Lee Seung-gi), who takes care of his orphaned nephew Cha Hoon (Moon Woo-jin). Hoon made a trip to Morocco. Before the plane takes off, he sends a video to his uncle.

Unfortunately, Dal-gun finds out through a report that the plane, in which his nephew rode, crashed due to structural failure and killed over 200 civilians. He traveled to Morocco to attend the funerals of all the plane crash victims, mourning the loss of Cha Hoon.

But later he learned that the incident was not an accident but rather a planned case. Go Hae-ri (played by Bae Suzy), a National Intelligence Service secret agent, would help her solve the case. They will end up falling in love with each other during the investigation.

The series has yet to reveal the names of the culprits. It looks like Vagabond Season 2 is focusing on Bae Suzy and Lee Seung-gi’s love angle.

This could mean that wanderer Season 2 is 3 is happening (more on that later), but the makers haven’t officially announced anything about that.

As there is no confirmation on Vagabond Season 2, we couldn’t guess the release date of the series. Stay tuned to Devdiscourse for the latest updates on Netflix’s K-dramas.

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