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Christine Quinn has “killed” her “character” from “Selling Sunset”.

The 33-year-old star – who made her runway debut at the Balenciaga couture show in Paris last week – now feels like she’s ‘entering a new chapter’ in her life and is ready to step away of the villainous persona she showed off on the real estate reality show.

She told Grazia magazine: “I feel like it’s the first day of the rest of my life.

“I feel humbled and grateful for the most amazing experience.

“I feel like I’ve entered a new chapter of another era of fashion and have killed off my ‘Selling Sunset’ persona. TEAR UP.

“She was fierce, she was a boss b****, but now I’m ready to bury her.”

Due to her reality TV past, Christine – who has 14-month-old son Christian Jr with husband Christian Richard – believes she had to work “10 times harder” to gain acceptance into the world of the fashion.

She said: “I wasn’t immediately accepted into the fashion world. I have to work triple, quadruple, 10 times harder because I’m on reality TV.

In May, the blonde beauty was photographed making Anna Wintour laugh at the Balenciaga S/S ’23 show in New York, but she can’t remember exactly what she told the Vogue editor because that she “passed out” because it was so “surreal”. ”.

She added: “It was absolutely surreal, I don’t know what happened or how it happened. I literally passed out.

Christine’s appearance on the catwalk in Paris was kept under wraps until it was released and she insisted it was ‘very easy’ not to let the exciting news slip ahead of time.

She said: “It was very easy for me to keep it a secret because I like the element of surprise.

“I want people to never know my next step, my next move, what I have in the works, because I like to shock and amaze.”


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