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David Gandy “still cares” about his appearance after 20 years in the modeling industry.

The 42-year-old star – who is known as the world’s most successful male model – began his career winning a contest on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ in 2001, but admitted that these days he walks five miles a day in an effort to take care of himself because he “owes it” to his children.

He said: “People ask me, ‘Do you still care about how you look? And I have to say yes, I walk five miles a day with Dora [his rescue dog] and go to the gym every night after dinner. Why? Taking care of myself is part of the job. And I owe it to my children and their future.”

The former Dolce and Gabbana ambassador – who has a long-term relationship with lawyer Stephanie Mendoros and has daughters Matilda, four, and Tabitha, eight months, with her – also explained that when he started, he wanted to emulate the success of other models such as Kate Moss and Christie Turlington, but was initially told his career would be limited.

He told The Sunday Times: “About as soon as I started people said to me, ‘You’ve been in this business for about a year, you know?’ But my goal has always been: ‘How can I be as successful as women?’ kate [Moss] and Christie Turlington had created incredible careers. I wanted that. And you do it by realizing that sometimes saying no is just as important as saying yes. Do not dilute the brand. Don’t just say yes and grab the money,”


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