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Doja Cat has doubled down on her claims that she is retiring from music.

The ‘Say So’ singer had told fans she was quitting her career on Twitter last week and later apologized for her outbursts on the microblogging site, prompting radio station MIX Florida’s 105.1 tweeted, “OK so maybe @DojaCat isn’t retiring. @PikeTaylorRadio,” along with an apology post.

However, the ‘Woman’ hitmaker retweeted the post and insisted: “yes the f*** I am.”

The Grammy nominee had said she was ‘quit’ the music industry after being criticized by some fans in Paraguay, prompting her to fume and apologize for not giving a ‘show. pretty good” in Brazil.

Following this, she changed her Twitter name to “I Quit”.

Screenshots of the deleted tweet – which were posted by fans online – show Doja responding to fans who were upset to stand in the rain to meet her after the show was canceled due to a storm .

In response, Doja wrote, “This shit ain’t for me so I’m out. Be careful.”

She wrote: “There was a storm in Paraguay, the show was cancelled. When I left the next morning, there was no one outside the hotel waiting for me. Let that sink in … I regret that I spent all the time I prepared that day for the show that I broke my ass every day to put it on you, but God bless you.”

In another deleted tweet, Doja said “the music is dead” and asked people to unfollow her.

She wrote: “It’s gone and I don’t give a fuck anymore. “I quit, I can’t wait to disappear and I don’t need you to believe in me anymore. Everything is dead to me, the music is dead, and I’m a fool for ever thinking I was meant for this is a nightmare. Unsubscribe from me.”

Later Doja said: “I don’t think I gave Brazil a good enough show tonight and I’m sorry for that but thanks guys for coming I love you f****** and God thank you, we have another show tomorrow, I promise I will do better.”


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