Entertainment News: New Street Fighter 6 trailer reveals two more fighters: a ninja and a sadist


Picture: Capcom

Capcom revealed two more additions to the Street Fighter 6 roster, and one of them is brand new.

To no one’s surprise, Capcom made an appearance at EVO 2022 to promote the upcoming release of Street Fighter 6 by revealing two more fighters: Juri and Kimberly. As Juri returns from Street Fight 5, Kimberly is a brand new addition to the franchise.

Check out the duo’s trailer below:

Juri is a Korean fighter who debuted in Street Fighter 4, but was redesigned for the new title. Capcom wears its heart on its sleeve by describing Juri as a “sadistic thrill seeker who loves the suffering of others, taking immense joy in annihilating her enemies”, on the PlayStation Blog. His costume has been revamped to better suit Street Fighter 6’s sleek and colorful aesthetic, with black tape under his jacket meant to mimic the appearance of a spider.

Even his helmet and smartphone match his gothic design, with cat ears, pink and black clothes, boxing gloves with metal spikes, and zippers galore. Capcom is really leaning into her sadistic nature here, because that’s the only thing that really motivates Juri now that she’s already achieved her goal of revenge against M. Bison in Street Fighter 5. At the moment, she’s just rolling , beating people up and smiling while she does it. She also enters the trailer with a tribute to Akira, who is neither here nor there, but pretty cool nonetheless.

Kimberly is the first black woman to join the Street Fighter roster, and she’s bringing the ’80s with her. Passionate about ’80s pop culture and always carrying around a portable cassette player, Kimberly uses spray cans and loud music to pump up a game’s hype. She studies ninjutsu with Guy, Bushinryu’s 39th successor, and graduates from college early in her quest to become a full-fledged ninja.

Kimberly is an athletic fighter who excels in speed and acrobatic moves, and her costume suits her hobbies well. She wears a bright yellow and red gi with sneakers, throwing subtlety out the window to suit her love of running and aerial attacks. His spray can and tape player can be used for special moves, like throwing the bomb like a Shuriken Bomb. She also listens to music from a very specific artist – but Capcom teases that we won’t find out who that is until later in the story.

Kimberly’s loud and colorful personality and Juri’s gothic stomping reveal went about as well as you’d expect online. Here’s how the EVO 2022 crowd reacted to the reveal – stick around for Juri’s Super:

Street Fighter 6 will launch in 2023 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.


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