Entertainment News Roundup: Ne-Yo Wants to Let the Music Speak for Itself in New ‘Self Explanatory’ Album; Has Netflix found its Bond? Ryan Gosling stars in ‘The Gray Man’ spy film and more


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Ne-Yo Wants To Let The Music Speak For Itself In New Album ‘Self Explanatory’

American R&B singer Ne-Yo lets his music speak for itself with the release of his eighth studio album ‘Self Explanatory’, released last week. The three-time Grammy winner said making music at this stage of his career was easier and less pressure-intensive.

Has Netflix found its Bond? Ryan Gosling stars in spy film ‘The Gray Man’

In the new Netflix movie “The Gray Man,” Ryan Gosling’s character jokes that his name is Six because 007 was taken. The film is a big-budget, effects-packed thriller in the spirit of a James Bond adventure. Netflix Inc and the film’s makers are hoping the film, which begins streaming Friday, will launch the company’s own long-running spy series.

K-Pop star J-Hope will make music history at Chicago’s Lollapalooza festival

K-Pop star J-Hope of boy band sensation BTS will perform as the final act of Chicago’s annual Lollapalooza show this month, becoming the first South Korean artist to headline a major American music festival, organizers announced on Tuesday. According to Live National Entertainment.

Pearl Jam cancels concert in Vienna after heat and smoke damage singer’s throat

US rock band Pearl Jam canceled a concert in Vienna on Wednesday after singer Eddie Vedder’s vocal cords were damaged in an open-air venue near Paris by heat, dust and smoke from the fires. “To anyone expecting a great Pearl Jam show tonight in Vienna, so were we. However, due to the extreme circumstances of the last outdoor venue outside of Paris (heat, dust and smoke from the fires) , our vocalist Ed Vedder’s throat was damaged,” the band said in a statement posted to Instagram on Wednesday.

Chris Pine touts ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ movie as Comic-Con returns

Actor Chris Pine says he never got into the popular Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game until a few years ago when he was asked to star in a film about the fantasy world of swords and sorcery. Now he’s a convert. Speaking to thousands of fans in a convention hall at Comic-Con in San Diego, Pine said he hoped Paramount Pictures’ big-screen fantasy game, due in theaters next March, would help. to “spread the gospel of D&D”. It’s a game, he says, that everyone should play in high school.

Jean-Michel Jarre sells his music publishing catalog to BMG

French electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre has sold his entire music publishing catalog to BMG, following in the footsteps of other performers profiting from their work. In a statement on Thursday, BMG, owned by German media company Bertelsmann AG, said the acquisition, for which it did not disclose financial details, was the biggest deal it has made in France. It includes the rights to Jarre’s famous 1970s albums “Oxygene” and “Equinoxe” and its writer’s earnings.

Ricky Martin’s restraining order overturned by Puerto Rico judge

A judge in Puerto Rico has lifted a restraining order against actor and singer Ricky Martin at the request of the man who earlier this month said the pop icon harassed him, say Martin’s lawyers on Thursday. The man had said in a domestic violence complaint that he feared for his safety because Martin refused to accept his decision to end a romantic relationship, kept calling him and loitered outside his home.

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