Entertainment News Roundup: Ukrainian Group Adds New Meaning to Clash’s Hit With “Kyiv Calling”; Universal Music Label Acquires Ape NFT to Conduct Virtual Music Band and More


Below is a summary of the entertainment news briefs.

Ukrainian band gives new meaning to Clash’s success with “Kyiv Calling”

Ukrainian punk band Beton have reworked The Clash’s famous “London Calling”, turning it into “Kyiv Calling” to highlight events in Ukraine and raise funds for a resistance movement. The three-piece band, made up of an architect, an orthopedist and a businessman, recorded their reformulated version of the 1979 hit Clash at a studio in the western city of Lviv. ‘Ukraine.

Universal Music Label Acquires Ape NFT to Lead Virtual Music Band

Universal Music Group is capitalizing on the popularity of non-fungible tokens by acquiring one of the cartoon monkeys that have taken the world of digital collectibles by storm to lead an all-virtual music band. On Friday, Universal’s 22:22 label said it paid $360,817 to buy Bored Ape #5537 – a female character now known as Manager Noët All, to front the band he founded in November called Kingship.

The best ballet artists ‘Dance for Ukraine’ at a charity event

Away from the fighting in Ukraine, Russian and Ukrainian ballet dancers rubbed shoulders in London on Saturday at a charity event that brought together some of the world’s leading dance artists for humanitarian aid in the Eastern European country. ‘Is torn apart by war. About 20 dancers, with shimmering bodies and graceful movements, received thunderous applause from the crowded auditorium of the London Coliseum theater for the “Dance for Ukraine” gala.

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