Entertainment News | Searchlight suspended production of ‘Being Mortal’ after complaint against Bill Murray


Los Angeles, April 22 (PTI) Searchlight Pictures has suspended production on Aziz Ansari’s debut film “Being Mortal” following complaints about actor Bill Murray’s inappropriate on-set behavior.

Deadline confirmed that the production suspension was related to a complaint against Murray. Ansari, who also stars, writes and directs alongside partner Youree Henley, was not part of the complaint, nor was co-star Seth Rogen.

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It’s not immediately clear if Murray, known for films such as “The Groundhog Day,” “Ghostbusters” and “Lost In Translation,” will remain on the project or if the role will be recast once the investigation is complete.

Searchlight had sent a letter to the film’s cast and crew on Wednesday informing them that production was on hold due to a complaint they had been investigating. Searchlight did not specify who the complaint was against in the letter.

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“At the end of last week, we were made aware of a complaint and immediately investigated it,” the note said.

Murray, 71, has been accused of hurling insults at his ‘Charlie’s Angels’ co-star Lucy Liu, who said she confronted the actor on the set of the 2000 action comedy.

Liu only recently spoke about the incident, saying, “I fought back and don’t regret it. Because no matter how high on the totem pole you are or where you come from, there is no need to put others down. »

Searchlight is set to release the film in theaters in 2023.

Ansari, known for his roles in ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘Master of None’, had taken a break from Holywood after being accused of sexual misconduct in 2010 via a blog post. The actor-screenwriter has since returned to work.

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