FACTBOX-Comments from crowds in London on Queen Elizabeth


Hundreds of thousands of people are expected in central London on Monday for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. Below are quotes from some in the crowd:

ALEXANDRA STEVENSON, 35, NURSE FROM LONDON “She’s been around for so long that we all take her for granted.

“I’m here because it’s part of the story – like everyone else I think. We’ll get along well, I think – this country is full of pragmatic people.” VICKY McCONKEY, 70, FROM LONDON

“She’s been here all my life. I’m not particularly crazy about royals but I love the Queen. I wasn’t going to miss it, though – I had to be here.”

JOEL FESTENSTEIN, 28, BUSINESS RISK ANALYST FROM MANCHESTER “I have long been an admirer of the Queen. I even celebrated her 80th birthday as a child when she was here at the Palace. I wanted to be part of the final send- off.”

MARIO REID, VETERAN WHO SERVED 22 YEARS WITH THE ROYAL ENGINEERS, FROM KENT “We call her the boss – I just paid her tribute.

“I got booted and dressed for it. Shined my shoes and everything.” CRAIG CHAMBERS, 32, RAILWAYS

“I come from the Caribbean community and we celebrate a life rather than a mourning – but we do so with respect.” “I have a lot of respect for the years she ruled. I wanted to be part of history.”

ALISON CORNISH, 66, FROM KENT “We wanted to come and see this historic event, be a part of it and pay tribute to the Queen and give thanks for her long life of service, and I think we’ll probably feel quite emotional at the end of it.”

ABBY FOX, 32, WORKS IN RECRUITMENT, FROM ESSEX “She feels like your grandma – like your family. She was always there, always smiling.

“She just gave her whole life to the country, didn’t she? And didn’t ask for anything in return.” CAROL JOSEPH, 63, FROM LONDON

“She is just beautiful, she has had such an impeccable reign with such dignity, such respect, she has never had anything, no scandal against her and she deserves respect. She is our queen, she is the Kingdom -United.”

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