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Homophobic = ugly: Cardi

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Cardi B thinks homophobes are “just plain ugly”.

The chart-topping rapper – who is married to the Migos Offset star – took to Twitter to speak out against homophobes and express her support for the gay community.

Cardi, 29 – who has Kulture, three, and a son born on September 4 – wrote on the microblogging platform: “Every bad b **** has a gay best friend or a cousin gay best friend… … If you’re homophobic, you’re just ugly. “

Cardi has previously used social media to fight back accusations of homophobia and transphobia, after being criticized by a Twitter follower.

The ‘WAP’ hitmaker wrote: “How am I homophobic or transphobic? Have you been to a Caribbean island where you really see homophobia! Have you had to deal with a parent who cannot accept you for your sexuality? i said ignorant things that b4 apologized for and inquired about doesn’t mean i’m gay. “

Cardi then explained that she has had family members who have struggled with their sexuality.

She said on Twitter: “I don’t support the LGBT community because I have ‘gay fans’ that I support because of the confused feelings I had growing up, is it okay to love girls? support because i know how hard it was for my gay cousin to hang out in his very strict dominican family

“I support because I know the pain that my cousin on my mother’s side who is a Tran” has been romantically involved with her father for years! I support because I have seen the transitions and feelings my glam team had during their time with their body transition and my sister.

“Talking to my mom and dad religious people are gay, so before you indulge yourself by calling me homophobic and transphobic, learn what those words mean and seek my encouragement from the LGBT community b4 your mother *** **** even knew who CardiN was. “


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