It’s worth it | “Bound By Blades” Covered By Assemble Entertainment, Coming To PC In Q4, Nintendo Switch In 2023


The war for supremacy has raged for generations between the different tribes of Ashmyr. Until one day an ancient force was unleashed that shook the world and granted those nearby immense power. But this power has come at a cost. It took their minds and corrupted their bodies, leaving only a ruthless demon in their place.

They became known as the Ilcyon, slaying armies and wiping out cities as they ravaged the lands, leaving Ashmyr in peril. Until a new path to hope is formed by a lone warrior. He united the tribes to survive against the Ilcyon and started a new order, The Bound. Only those who have proven themselves through years of rigorous training have been initiated.

Told through an enchanting digital sketchbook art style, follow young Bound on his journey to Ashmyr to learn about the beginnings of the vile Ilcyon and other mysterious entities.

Slay big monsters, collect loot, and craft upgrades to take on the next massive beasts. Join up with friends or take on the challenges alone. But even on your own, you can bring in friend characters as NPCs as well as your very own battle pet to help you out against the toughest foes that lie ahead.

Bound By Blades is designed for gamers of all calibers and is meant to allow any adventurer to embark on this challenging journey. The controls are designed to be comfortable and intuitive for all control schemes. Play with a controller, keyboard and mouse, mouse or even just a keyboard. BBB is designed for players of all types and is intended to allow any adventurer to embark on this difficult journey.

The combat system is vast and allows for a variety of attacks like quick attacks, power attacks, combos, and unique combo finishers. But you’ll also need to survive, so you’ll need to master blocking, dodging, running, and healing using potions mid-battle. The game may seem simple, but it opens up to a wide dynamic of gameplay and challenges through the bosses’ abilities and the need to master one’s own.

Between battles, chat with NPCs in town to gain insight into the Ilcyon’s origin and each other’s stories. Gain knowledge from the village elder, Eldros, as he helps give advice on how to tackle each battle. And learn the tradition of stories told around the world by Finny, the “magical, real-life heroine” of Bound By Blades.

Main characteristics:

  • Defeat 10 unique Ilcyon bosses and their vicious Extreme mode variants, collect their loot and craft awesome gear
  • Create your own playstyle by unlocking powerful item set bonuses and receive powerful new modifications to your abilities
  • Powerful enchantments grant additional buffs and buffs to your gear
  • Fun and exciting combat will keep you on your toes as encounters get tougher with each enemy defeated
  • Simple to learn, hard to master: To defeat the toughest Ilcyon, you must memorize their attack patterns and time your parries, blocks, and combos correctly.
  • Stuck to a boss? Simply change the settings on the go and choose from 3 different difficulties
  • Killing monsters is more fun together! Invite your friends to join you in 2-player co-op
  • Choose from 3 different characters, each with individual attacks and combos
  • Craft 30 unique armor sets as well as 30 unique weapons
  • Improve your attributes and customize your character’s appearance with the transmog system
  • Collect pets, send them on missions to collect crafting materials, or upgrade and evolve them to support you in battle
  • Take on the tower and each of its challenging levels for big rewards
  • Battle in the Endless Dungeon to become the best of the Bounds
  • Aim for top ranks and beat your score in every boss fight

Bound by blades comes to PC (Steam) in the fourth quarter of 2022, followed by Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS in 2023.

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