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Jack White suggested that the Rolling Stones copied the Beatles.

The 46-year-old rocker has praised Sir Mick Jagger and co for being “clever” in “feeding off everything that was hippest” at the time, including “copying” their biggest rivals.

Speaking to MOJO magazine, he said: “People want the Rolling Stones to be cool, dirty, loud.

“They don’t want to understand that the Rolling Stones were constantly chasing a hit and feeding on whatever was hippest, copying everything the Beatles did last week. It disrupts the fantasy. And the fantasy is amazing – I I’ve indulged many times with these kind of bands. It’s not an insult. It’s that they’re smart and they find a way to keep a train moving.

The ‘Seven Nation Army’ hitmaker has revealed his favorite Beatle is Sir Paul McCartney and he doesn’t believe the Liverpool legends – which also featured the late John Lennon and George Harrison and drummer Sir Ringo Starr – would have gone nowhere without Macca motivating them.

When asked who his favorite ‘Let it Be’ member was, he said, “Absolutely 1,000% Paul McCartney. ‘Get Back’ proves what I’ve been saying since I was 13 – without Paul, there’s no Beatles.

“Everybody’s out of this amazing world. But you could theoretically take any other Beatle out of this band and still have the Beatles. You want to be on George’s side, to be cool. But it’s easy to to be the guy in the room who doesn’t want to do anything. It’s really hard to be the one in the room who tries to motivate everyone. They don’t seem as cool. It’s a shame, because they are the people who make things happen. I’m not a fan of people who don’t want to do anything, it’s demotivating.


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