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WASHINGTON (AP) — Selena Gomez joined First Lady Jill Biden and US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy at the White House on Wednesday for a conversation about youth mental health.

The singer/actress went public with her struggles and revealed in 2020 that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Biden, Murthy and Gomez had a chat in the East Room with several young people, including a mother and a recent graduate from Rutgers University, who shared how they had improved their mental outlook.

The strategies they shared ranged from going through multiple therapists to find the right one for you to using baking as a way to encourage conversation with others facing similar challenges.

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“Mental health is very personal to me and I hope that by using my platform to share my own story…I can help others feel less alone,” Gomez said.

Biden praised attendees for sharing.

“It takes courage to, you know, be honest about the struggles you’ve had and to tell your stories,” the first lady said. “And it takes courage to understand that your voice can make a difference and to show your creativity and your talents, you know, to the world.”

Murthy said open conversation will help change “hearts and minds” and break down the stigma associated with mental health.

MTV Entertainment sponsored the conversation to coincide with the first Mental Health Day of Action on Thursday.

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