LkldNow readers preferred entertainment and health news in 2021


Articles on entertainment and health drew the largest audience to LkldNow in 2021, reflecting both interest in preventing COVID-19 and perhaps ways to find respite from the pandemic.

Here are the most viewed pages on LkldNow in 2021, with the exception of our home page and our main news list:

  1. FSC student participates in Hollywood ‘American Idol’ week (March 15)
  2. Florida Southern College singer in contention for gold ticket (12th of March)
  3. Latest obituaries
  4. Lakeland regional health drops Florida top marks in U.S. news (5 August)
  5. Christmas parade 2021: the basics and the route map (1st December)
  6. Event calendar
  7. Gaskins Barbecue and Lobster Coming to Lakeside Village (July 7)
  8. Publix, Walmart, Sam’s Club start COVID-19 vaccines in Lakeland (February 9)
  9. Two new sites offering walk-in vaccines (March 11)
  10. COVID-19 News and Resources

NOTE: The two “American Idol” articles published in mid-March were by far our most viewed articles this year. They undoubtedly drew a national following of fans of both the TV show and local competitor Zach D’Onofrio. Our analytics software shows us that most of this traffic was generated by Facebook, but it does not reflect the Facebook posts that generated the traffic.


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