Martha Stewart’s Pet Peacocks ‘Eaten’ By Coyotes In Broad Daylight, Entertainment News


Martha Stewart’s peacocks were killed by coyotes.

The 80-year-old businesswoman owns a gathering of majestic peacocks and took to social media on Saturday July 23 to express her shock that six of them were ‘devoured’ by canines in broad daylight on her farm At New York. .

Alongside a video of a peacock named BlueBoy, she wrote, “RIP beautiful BlueBoy. The coyotes came in broad daylight and devoured him and five others, including the magnificent White Boy. All solutions to get rid of six big and aggressive coyotes with expensive tastes. when it comes to poultry?”

In the video, BlueBoy can be seen flaunting his feathers as Marvin Gaye’s song Let’s Get It On plays in the background and the former Martha Stewart Living star explained that she and her mysterious boyfriend no longer allow birds out of the yard and plan to fence off the top of the yard with a fence.

She added: “We no longer allow peacocks out of their yard, we enclose the top of their large yard with wire fencing etc.”

In 2021, Martha explained that she had 17 of the “social” creatures and shared how they were enjoying their newfound freedom.

She wrote on The Martha Blog: “Here on my farm in Bedford, New York, the peacocks love their newfound freedom. Peacocks are very social birds – they usually travel in groups, enjoy exploring and often play together, especially under sunlight.They are also very loyal and tend to stay where they are well fed and well protected at night.

I now have 17 of these beautiful birds. They live in a very safe and comfortable enclosure near my stable, where they receive lots of attention from visiting friends. Recently I have started letting them out of their enclosure for a few hours during the day to roam and explore the property. And then just before sunset, they’re taken back to their coop for the night.”

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