Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk premieres on this date


The next series from Marvel Studios She-Hulk now has a premiere date. It appears the date of the Canadian actor Tatiana Maslany– The featured film was inadvertently published by Disney+ UK in a blog post. The series, if the post was correct (the date has since been removed), will begin streaming on Disney+ (Disney+ Hotstar in India) on August 17.

Maslany will play the titular superhero, whose real name is Jennifer Walters and is the cousin of Bruce Banner, the original Hulk. Tim Roth returns as Abomination and Jameela Jamil is set to play the series antagonist called Titania.

Before the blog post was updated, it also contained a synopsis of the upcoming series. It read: “This new comedy series sees Bruce Banner help his cousin, Jennifer Walters, when she needs an emergency blood transfusion and guess what? She also receives her powers. Tatiana Maslany will play Jennifer, who is a lawyer specializing in superhuman-focused legal cases. Mark Ruffalo returns as the Hulk alongside Tim Roth, who plays the Abomination.

A lawyer by profession, Jennifer is a lawyer and becomes a milder (less angry, that is) version of the Hulk after receiving a blood transfusion from Banner. Like Hulk, She-Hulk is also a big green superhero but doesn’t lose her composure and intelligence in her Hulk form. She also assists other superheroes in comic book legal cases.

Maslany is best known for the sci-fi thriller television series Orphan Black. She is also known for movies like Picture Day and Cas and Dylan.

Jessica Gao, known for Rick and Morty, will serve as the lead screenwriter for She-Hulk. Kat Coiro and Anu Valia direct.


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