MP: Three arrested for cheating on an e-commerce business


Three men were arrested in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, for allegedly cheating an e-commerce company by replacing the original AirPods of a reputable company with duplicates and returning them after canceling the order online, a the police announced on Sunday. A former company employee was also involved in the crime, police said. “Three men were arrested on Saturday for replacing the original Apple AirPods with duplicates that they returned after canceling the order booked online on Flipkart,” the police superintendent told PTI. city ​​(Gohalpur) Akhilesh Gaur.

At least 19 sets of original AirPods were seized from a mobile store in the city, he said.

A complaint was filed by the director of Flipkart VS Solanki against Ankit Raikwar who had delivered bundles of AirPods to a customer, he said.

During questioning, Raikwar revealed the involvement of former Flipkart employee Shubham Mishra and mobile store owner Kailash Aswani, he said.

He said Mishra has ordered AirPods from the Apple company online several times.

Mishra used to replace the original AirPods with duplicates and cancel the order. He used to hand the shipment over to Raikwar who sold them to Kailash Aswani, ” the city’s SP said. Further investigation is underway, he added.

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