Paramount Hits With Copyright Lawsuit For ‘Top Gun’ Sequel


Whereas by Tom Cruise Superior gun flies high at the box office, the movie studio feels the heat.

Paramount has been hit with a copyright lawsuit surrounding the film franchise.

According Varietythe family of the author who inspired the original 1986 film is suing for copyright infringement.

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The Yonays are the heirs of Ehud Yonay, the author of the 1983 article The best gunson which the film was based.

According to the lawsuit, the family claims the movie studio profits from the film despite not having the rights to the magazine story. The Yonays claim to have recovered the rights in 2020.

film for Top Gun: Maverick would have ended in May 2021.

The lawsuit notes that the studio “knowingly failed” to obtain a new license to use the underlying material.

In addition to damages, including profits from the film, the lawsuit also seeks to stop Paramount from distributing the film. He also wants to ban any future sequels.

TMZ notes that Cruise, who reprized his role as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in the film, is not being sued personally.

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Paramount denies the sequel is a spin-off from the original article and reportedly claimed the film was “complete enough” before the rights to the article were terminated.

“These allegations are without merit and we will vigorously defend ourselves,” a Paramount spokesperson said. The Hollywood Reporter.

The Yonays reportedly sent a cease and desist letter to Paramount on May 11, 2022 just weeks before the film was released, the outlet notes.

“This matter stems from Paramount’s conscious failure to reacquire the required film and incidental rights to the Yonays’ copyrighted story prior to the completion and release of their 2022 spin-off sequel,” said attorney Marc Toberoff and former federal appeals judge Alex Kozinski, who are representing the family, wrote.

The premiere of Top Gun: Maverick was delayed for two years largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It went into production in May 2018 with an initial release date set for July 2019 before being pushed back to a May 27, 2022 premiere.

Building anticipation seemed to work in the film’s favor as it grossed $160.5 million in its first four days. According to Comscore, it has generated over $500 million worldwide to date.

Top Gun: Maverick may also be Cruise’s best debut yet, as it’s his first-ever film to top $100 million at the box office on opening weekend.

the original Superior gun became an instant hit among moviegoers in the 80s, grossing $357.3 million at the box office.

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