Prince Harry slammed ‘tone-deaf’ comments about burnout


Prince Harry has been accused of being out of touch after admitting he was suffering from ‘burnout’. According to Fox News, the 37-year-old royal took part in Inner Work Day on Thursday with BetterUp, a professional and personal development organization for which he is director of impact.

During his appearance, Harry revealed he was taking care of himself to help with “burnout”. He explained that burnout forces people to “look within” in order to find ways to push back and succeed. “#PrinceHarry lives in one hell of a #Privileged bubble. He gets paid millions at a #woke company and complains of burnout. But he’s grateful that his ‘personal coaches’ help him see life clearly. He’s so out of touch it hurts,” one person tweeted.

“I still haven’t figured out why #PrinceHarry is burning out,” another person wrote. “Prince Harry who is deaf and suffering from #burnout is just another example of celebrities thinking their lives are similar to ours. Don’t give them a platform,” one person tweeted.

“My heart bleeds for Harry. He talked about burnout. My wife is disabled so I do all the housework etc while working 50 hours a week to pay the bills. My cousin has a relative with dementia and has it much worse than me. Prince Harry is a complaining dude and clueless,” another added. Harry and several other stars, including Serena Williams and Pau Gasol, had spoken of the work they were doing to stay balanced and mentally fit to face life.

Queen Elizabeth’s grandson added that while teams may look to each other for encouragement, the fight against burnout through self-care “starts at home, and it begins [internally]”I now put in about half an hour, 45 minutes in the morning when it’s like, okay, one of the kids went to school, the other one is taking a nap, right? There is a break in our program,” he said.

“It’s either to work out, walk the dog, get out in nature, maybe meditate,” the prince revealed, adding that he needs “to meditate every day.” He added: “I hope everyone can do this. But the reality is that once your time starts to run out, and once you have other commitments in your day, or you have to be there and show up for other people, guess what self-care is: the first thing that drops.”

Harry said that as a husband, father and businessman, he knows firsthand how easy it is to break the habit of self-care, but it’s still important to keep it in your routine, according to Fox News. Besides being a father and husband, Harry works on content development for Netflix and Spotify and is also writing a memoir. (ANI)

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