Sadie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” Fame Reveals “Flurona” Diagnosis


Sadie Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ revealed she contracted both the flu and COVID-19 to start her New Year. According to Fox News, Robertson admitted she was “exhausted” as she dealt with her illness and a rat invasion of her home in a recent Instagram post. The post featured a video of Robertson’s husband, Christian Huff, holding their daughter, Honey.

“It started with me catching FLURONA (flu + covid) (yes) so obviously I was so disappointed to lack passion but I was so thankful that God gave me the strength to keep preaching my message in a room empty despite being so sick. My faith from that experience has grown so much, “she captioned the video. Robertson added: “Then on our way home from ATL we got a call that a few rats were invading our house and these little guys were doing work. So we couldn’t come home. is day 4 without being able to get them and get out of our house It’s disgusting.

This is not the first time Robertson has faced COVID-19. The star contracted the virus while pregnant with her daughter. Robertson claimed it was “the hardest thing” to deal with during her pregnancy. “Seriously, my heart goes out to every pregnant person with COVID and everyone with COVID,” Robertson told People magazine of his experience, adding, “They were telling me in the hospital, they were like: “Man, people have to give birth with this. ‘ I can’t even imagine. “

Robertson and Huff welcomed the baby girl on May 11. The reality TV star shared the news of the arrival on Instagram the next day. “[W]We saw a million little miracles yesterday, the best being this girl right here… Honey, ”Robertson Huff captioned the photo at the time, according to Fox News. (ANI)

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