Switzerland ready to play the role of mediator in the Ukrainian crisis: President Cassis


Switzerland is ready to act as a mediator to facilitate talks and create platforms to resolve the Ukrainian conflict, Swiss President Ignazio Cassis said on Monday and condemned Russia’s “war of aggression” for reducing a sovereign state in ruins and turned cities into cemeteries.

Addressing the World Economic Forum’s 2022 annual meeting, Cassis said the Davos summit is a retreat from everyday life, but being removed from everyday life does not mean we are removed from reality.

”By withdrawing, we give ourselves time to think. And in return, the possibility of being rewarded with new solutions. That’s why we are here,” he said.

He said that for many, the past decades have been decades of hope, hope that the order established after the Cold War would endure.

“There were setbacks, of course, but overall things were looking up. The opening of global markets and technological progress have generated prosperity for hundreds of millions of people and given a boost to more democracy, freedom and stability,” he said.

But suddenly the foundations on which those hopes are built crumbled — first the financial crisis, then climate change, the pandemic and finally Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the president said.

Almost overnight, this war of aggression reduced a sovereign state to rubble, turned cities into graveyards, robbed people of their livelihoods and shattered an era of hope, he noted.

This war has utter disregard for all that the community of states has achieved over decades of civilizational progress. In view of this brutal violation of international law, in particular international humanitarian law, Switzerland strongly condemned the war and adopted the EU sanctions, he said.

Furthermore, the President said that democracy must be stronger than tyranny, international law stronger than subjugation, law stronger than power, self-determination stronger than repression.

”There is no neutral attitude towards the brutal violation of fundamental values, which are also our values. Because these values ​​are the embodiment of freedom. Passivity condones breaking the law and can play into the hands of the aggressor,” he said.

Noting that history shows that wars always have consequences, he said: “When the time comes, Switzerland is ready to mediate to facilitate the talks and create platforms for them to take place.” The reform conference was held in Vilnius and the aim of these international reform conferences is to support Ukraine in the areas of democratization, decentralization and modernization, he said.

The 5th conference, organized by Ukraine and Switzerland, will take place in Lugano, Switzerland, in early July. But this time it will be a resume conference, he said.

“Because when the war is over and the guns fall silent, all our efforts will be focused on rebuilding,” Cassis said.

”War is the embodiment of instability. And this war is being waged by a destructive force that not only shakes the geopolitical security architecture, but also undermines other principles of civilization,” he said.

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