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Lloyd ‘Judge Diamond’ Ferguson selected a special song from the Mighty Diamonds’ extensive catalog to honor his lifelong friend and bandmate, Tabby Diamond, during Friday’s Thanksgiving Service for the life of the much-loved singer . He is intitulated cute girl; however, Judge spent time refining the lyrics.

“It’s a nice, quiet tune,” a thoughtful Diamond judge shared with the gleaner. “Years ago we sing this tune. Maybe a lot of people don’t know… there’s a lot of songs you know; 46 albums and many singles. But on this piece of Diamonds, I change a few lines to suit Tabby.

It was only last Wednesday that Judge attended the funeral of ‘Bunny Diamond’, the other original member of the trio, who died on April 1 following a long illness, days after Tabby’s violent death. The judge is still thinking about what he calls “an experiment”.

“Within a few days, the two are gone?” he asked, still sounding a little dazed. “I’m carrying a little weight right now, but you just trust God and keep your head above water. I work with time to achieve healing.

He expressed his gratitude to all his industry friends and fans around the world, who sent words of encouragement and love. The deaths of two band members could signal the end of the journey for the Mighty Diamonds, but Judge has made the decision to press on.

“So many people told me I should surround myself with good people and hit the road. Music is what we’ve been doing for over 50 years – me, Bunny and Tabby. The nice man song,” a- he said, referring to cute girl.

Went back there last night along the shore / I see your face in every breaking wave / I cling to memories that fill my mind… Sweet lady, just smile for me one more time.. .the lyrics declare in the first verse.

The thanksgiving service for Donald ‘Tabby Diamond’ Shaw will be held at the Louise Bennett Garden Theater on Friday, starting at 11 a.m., a statement from Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport Minister Olivia said. Barn. Judge Ferguson will lead a musical tribute that will also feature performances by Bongo Herman; Dr. Carlene Davis; Dean Fraser; Duane Stephenson; and Leroy Sibblies, as well as members of the Shaw family.

On Thursday, May 19, there will be a public viewing at Perry’s Funeral Home in Spanish Town, St Catherine, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“In accordance with the wishes of the family, I request that there be no taking of photos or video of Tabby’s remains during the visitation or service of thanksgiving. I again express my deepest sympathy to the daughters of Tabby, Samantha, Josheina, Kelee, Dasheica and Ishika, and to her sons, Donald, Javian, Jahmarley and Tarrow, and to Judge Diamond,” Grange said.

Shockwaves swept through the music industry when news broke on the night of March 29 that Tabby Diamond, 67, was one of two people murdered on McKinley Crescent in St Andrew. The Mighty Diamonds are responsible for some of the anthems in reggae music, including Pass the Kouchie, Good time, I need a roof and heads of government.

At the National Honors and Awards Ceremony on October 18, 2021, The Mighty Diamonds received the Order of Distinction for their contributions to the development of Jamaican music.

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