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James Van Der Beek has opened up about the two pregnancy losses he and his wife suffered.

The former ‘Dawson’s Creek’ star and his wife Kimberly – who have children Olivia, 11, Joshua, 10, Annabel, eight, Emilia, six, Gwendolyn, three, and Jeremiah, 10 months – lost two babies in less than three years and James shared how they started to heal.

He wrote on Instagram: “We had just lost a baby at 18 weeks pregnant and almost lost @vanderkimberly in the process. I had a collab that was going south fast. And I had just been kicked out of a reality dance contest I had favored to win. (I feel like three of those four are pretty relatable).”

“So at the last minute we rented a #RV and headed north. Not really a plan, just day to day. Late one night we stopped at a small RV park scenic that I had booked a few hours earlier, and woke up next to this river.

“And so began the process – not necessarily of healing – but of being present. Present to the pain. Present to the beauty around us. And present to accepting to be in a process that I did not understand.

“2 and a half years later, after another late pregnancy loss, after that project completely blew up, after we moved to a new state and got our own RV…we came back to the same place. With a brand new baby boy.

“Looking back on that first trip, I’m amazed at how little I knew on the path to where I am now…and how much peace I was able to feel in the midst of this darkness.

“Whatever you’re going through…if you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, or even if you don’t know where to look for it…I urge you not to underestimate the power of a small change in environment…and to take the time to sit exactly where you are.

“Healing comes at its own pace. Presence may well be a prerequisite.”

James, 45, previously revealed he and his wife weren’t trying for a baby when they conceived Jeremiah and are counting their blessings for the surprise.

He wrote on Instagram, “Thank goodness for the surprises. For the detours. For those times the universe heard my plans and said, ‘Yeah, that’s cute… try THAT.’

“We weren’t trying to have more kids. We were done. But luckily this fat little angel knew better.

“And when I hold it, I’m reminded of the benevolent forces out there who are probably mocking my agenda and waiting for me to throw away my ‘clarity’ for an enhanced reality.”

“Thank goodness for the surprises… and thank goodness we are worried about not getting pregnant. »

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