‘Vita Nova’: the exhibition features works by Indian and Italian artists


An ongoing exhibition of Indo-Italian art here explores the transformations, connections and departures between the craft traditions and contemporary art of the two countries.

”Vita Nova: A New Life”, inspired by the literature of the Italian poet-philosopher Dante Alighieri, takes place at the Cultural Center of the Italian Embassy. It is curated by Founder and Director of Engineered India Myna Mukherjee and China-based curator Davide Quadrio.

The exhibition will feature the creations of six Indian and Italian artists – Andrea Anastasio, Francesco Simeti, Marta Roberti, Puneet Kaushik, Raghava KK and Shilo Shiv Suleman.

“The idea behind the show is to look at those traditions, in India and Italy, the lineage of arts and crafts, and look at the contemporary to see if there are new inspirations,” Mukherjee said in a statement.

Drawing inspiration from Dante’s themes, the six artists experiment with their respective mediums and work with local artisans while exploring traditional craftsmanship.

”Together they create a nursery of new works that expose the conjunctions and disjunctions inherent in these hybrid contemporary works. They raise questions about the role of craftsmanship in its evolutionary passage towards the ‘dematerialized’ and the conceptual while retaining their historical and cultural significance,” explained the organizers.

For example, Indian artist Puneet Kaushik experimented with traditional blue pottery craftsmanship from Jaipur to create 12 works, each exploring the concept of hybridity.

Similarly, Italian artist Marta Roberti has worked with Kashmiri artists to create a series of works using Aari embroidery that explore abstract ideas.

The exhibition will end on May 31.

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