Viviana Mall strikes a chord with a #ShameBodyShaming fashion show


~ Brave women of different body types walked and owned the ramp ~ ~ #TooMuch Wall expressed a strong show of solidarity towards body shaming victims ~ MUMBAI, India, March 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Too Fat, Too Skinny , Too Short , too big, too dark, too tight; these are words that women need to hear regularly from society. Anyway unfortunately body shaming continues and women are expected to have the perfect hourglass figure or long hair or be of a certain height to be attractive and fit society’s conventional beauty standards .

Body shame can have a serious impact on mental health and can even lead to feelings of depression due to lack of confidence and low self-esteem. This can impact how one functions in their daily lives. It’s time for society to start accepting women for who they are beyond and inside.

According to a survey conducted by a health institution, respondents aged 15 to 65 in 20 cities expressed their views on body shame. 90% of women recognize that body shaming is a common behavior. 47.5% of women said they had experienced body shame at their school or workplace. The survey also found that 62% of women said they felt anxious and nervous when people commented on their appearance and physical appearance.

To this effect, Viviana Mall organized an exciting fashion show on the eve of International Women’s Day. The show saw models of all body types and skin tones walk the ramp with grace and evoke a sense of power. It was a stark reminder to the world that beauty resides in the eyes of the beholder and that women are more than their physical appearances. The models also featured in an empowering video conceptualized and directed by Saugat Bhattacharya of TryAngles. Released over the weekend, it advocated a message about the need of the hour to stop body shaming and that it’s #TooMuch.

Additionally, a #TooMuch wall showed strong solidarity with victims of body shaming.

The campaign was part of Viviana Mall’s flagship program #ExtraordiNAARI with a focus on #ShameBodyShaming this year. Speaking about the campaign, Ms. Rima Kirtikar, CMO, Viviana Mall said, “Viviana Mall’s campaign is focused on enriching lives and working for the well-being of communities, especially women. Every woman deserves to live a dignified life. All over the world, women are breaking glass ceilings and achieving great success, regardless of their physical appearance. Our #ShameBodyShaming campaign strives to educate and encourage people to break down stigma and call for action to end body shaming. Viviana Mall has also made sure that its customers feel welcome in the mall. The objective for us always remains the pleasure of the customer and not the type of body or the skin color. We hope to strike a chord with people with this campaign and contribute to making an inclusive society, especially women.” Viviana Mall through her flagship campaign – ‘ExtraordiNAARI’ aims to take various social causes centered on women, and aims the betterment of women by creating awareness and lasting impact on society.

About Viviana Mall Viviana Mall, a well-known “Destination Mall”, was built to provide an experience for its audience. Covering one million square feet, Viviana Mall covers more than 250 top brands in its premier retail and entertainment space. Established in 2013, the mall is the first and only visually impaired friendly mall in India and has also launched ‘XRCVC-Viviana Extension’, a resource center for the visually impaired. The mall won the ICSC award for the sixth consecutive time.

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